Franchise and collabortation?

We regularly get questions through the website if we do franchising or any other form of cooperation. This is very nice to hear, because it says that people are satisfied with our product. We want to make clear that we don’t do franchise or any other form of cooperation and we also don’t have the intension to do it in the future.

About Manneken Pis

At Manneken Pis you will find the best, fairest and tastiest products. Freshly cut and baked flemish fries, more than 20 kinds of sauce and service with a smile. The fresh Flemish fries from Manneken Pis were voted the best fries in the Netherlands by Frietopia for five years in a row. Manneken Pis has 4 branches in Utrecht and one in the tourist mecca of the Netherlands: the Damrak in Amsterdam.

French fries:

All chips sold at Manneken Pis were peeled, washed, packed that same morning and taken to the various locations in Utrecht and Amsterdam. In each location they are then pre-baked and finished, after which they are served to our guests in the characteristic cone bag.


In addition to Flemish fries, ice cream is also available in our Utrecht locations during the summer months. Some of these branches are then set up as Ola Happiness Station where we sell Ola Swirls. Compose your own Swirl from soft serve ice cream, additions and a topping and enjoy the best ice cream of the summer.